We’d like to talk about women today…

Hello fans! (We know you’re out there)

We return one month later with a new episode. The topic: Women’s rights and the need for inclusivity. I think the Women’s March last month should still be fresh in our mind vaults, but with how quick the winds change and erode memories these days, we need to be reminded how delicate everything is.

So, keeping that thought, we decided to talk about our view of women’s rights (SPOILERS: We both feel women should have rights). We also touch on how the need for diversity among women involved in fighting for those rights, as no woman shall be forgotten in the eternal struggle.

Here’s the link to the episode.the link to our episode.

Below are some links to relevant articles for your reading pleasure.

3 times as many people marched for women than showed up for Trump

Oklahoma wants men to have a say but should they really?

Comprehensive review of Standards of Care in regards to trans individuals

Women’s right activists plan to continue efforts

Melinda Gates: World Beater

What we learned from Women’s March

A brief case of Ireland’s struggle for abortion access

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Planned Parenthood

Everyday Feminism



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